The Biggest Cost your First Customer has to Bear

I have already written about how your cost does not equal your price. Normally price is only a small part of the overall cost that a customer suffers from doing business with you. However, as a startup what is your biggest cost to a B2B customer?

To answer this we have to get away from thinking that we sell to companies and instead recognise that we sell to people. Your biggest cost is not to the company but to the person in that company that is taking the risk of doing business with your startup. 

You biggest cost is career risk. The person who is purchasing your product or service is genuinely taking a real risk that you won’t deliver and they will forever be known as ‘that idiot’ that decided to go with an untested startup rather than a stable alternative. 

Recognise this when you are selling.  Not only do we have to convince the company that you will give a Return on Investment, you must also convince the person you are talking to that it is worth the career risk. 

Your job is to make them a hero – after all they are the one suffering the largest cost. 

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